Have MSZP and DK made an agreement to divide up Budapest?

HVG summarizes recent articles in Magyar Idők and Magyar Nemzet claiming that leading left-wing parties MSZP and DK have agreed to split up Budapest amongst themselves for the next elections in 2018.

According to Magyar Idők, out of the 18 voting districts in the capital, MSZP will run its candidates in 11 of them and DK will run its candidates in the remaining 7 districts. Magyar Nemzet reports that the list of candidates has been ready for weeks, but that no official decision has been made on it yet by MSZP.

Both MSZP and DK officially denied news of any agreement.

Hungarian Politics podcast – Lajos Bokros, Gyula Molnár

We’re bringing out the big guns for this week on the Hungarian Politics podcast! There was a by-election in the town of Dunaújváros on June 5 that resulted in a victory by the ruling Fidesz party, and we were lucky enough to get to speak with Lajos Bokros about it.

Lajos Bokros photo
Lajos Bokros, President of the Movement for a Modern Hungary party

Bokros is the former Finance Minister under the Horn government who introduced a package of financial reforms in 1995 that stabilized the Hungarian economy and put it on a path for future growth. In 2009, he became a European Parliamentarian, and in 2013 he started his own political party, the Movement for a Modern Hungary (MoMa).moma logo

In addition to the Dunaújváros election, we asked Bokros to tell us about the legacy of the 1995 stabilization package that he is still strongly associated with, why he re-entered Hungarian politics, how his party differs from other political parties in Hungary, and what the opposition needs to do to get into power.

tanitanek march2 11jun2016
Protesting the government’s educational policy, 11 June 2016. Leaders Katalin Törley, István Pukli, and Mária Sándor are at the front of the line, holding the banner that reads, “Let’s send a message to the government, so that even they understand it!”

We then visited a protest organized by the Tanítanék movement in Budapest on June 11. Tanítanék is composed of educators and their supports around Hungary who want to promote changes in the Hungarian educational system. They marched from the Pest side to the Buda side and handed out symbolic “report cards” to the government for their work on education.

vago molnar cropped 11jun2016
Television personality István Vágó (left) speaks with MSZP politician Gyula Molnár at the Tanítanék protest, 11 June 2016





At the event, we managed to snag a short Hungarian-language interview with Gyula Molnár, a leading politician with the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) and former mayor of Budapest’s District XI, who is currently running to lead the party as its head.

Molnár told us why he was there at the protest, what steps the MSZP should take in the area of education, and what changes he would implement in the party if he is elected as its leader.

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