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Ujhelyi Urges People to Help Him Restructure MSZP

István Ujhelyi has launched an internet platform for renewing the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), and welcomes all who want to take part in the effort, the Socialist Member of the European Parliament (MEP) told MTI on Sunday.

The opposition politician pointed out that he had recently promoted a “complete rebirth, and a radical and profound transformation” for MSZP, and that the party would adopt the name “Chance – Hungarian Social Democratic Party Community” as a part of this.

In a statement, István Ujhelyi claimed that the “vast majority” of opinions he had received on the topic were in agreement with him.

He also stressed that anyone who wanted to take part in the rebirth of Hungarian social democracy could register on the site to help form local “Chance Circles” (probably helps if you speak Hungarian though). [Magyar Hang]

Ujhelyi to Run for MSZP Co-Chair Position

István Ujhelyi intends to run as the next co-chair of MSZP, the party’s MEP stated on ATV Start on Monday morning.

Ujhelyi’s announcement follows current Co-Chair Bertalan Tóth’s statement yesterday that he wouldn’t be seeking another term for the MSZP leadership position, and also after Ujhelyi stated that the party needed to undergo a radical transformation to freshen up its brand.

The fact that Tóth will be stepping down from the party’s leadership role at their party congress in September is evidence of serious political responsibility, said Ujhelyi. [Népszava]

Ujhelyi Pushes MSZP to Freshen Up Its Brand With Radical Change

István Ujhelyi, Member of the European Parliament for the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), advocated radical change for his party at MSZP’s board meeting on Saturday.

A complete transformation is needed instead of small changes, said Ujhelyi, adding that the MSZP’s brand has become obsolete and the party has to start building on completely new foundations.

Ujhelyi detailed his suggestions in a Facebook post, explaining that the fourth two-thirds victory by Fidesz had made it clear that the party shouldn’t be fighting better and harder, but “completely differently.”

Referring to MSZP’s floral symbol, Ujhelyi wrote:

We need to be able to say that the carnation has withered, which does not mean that it should be thrown away together with the pot: rather, we need to bring it new soil, water it with fresh water, and plant a new flower.


Socialist MP Kicked Out of Party for Claiming Non-Existent College Degree

picture of Ilidkó Bangóné Borbély

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) removed one of its MPs, Ildikó Bangóné Borbély (pictured), from the party yesterday after reports surfaced over the weekend that she had misrepresented her academic credentials to the public.

According to her public CV, the Socialist politician received an economics degree from the Budapest Business School in 2013. Pro-government news site Mandiner sent a public interest request to the college to determine if Bangóné had indeed attended the school, and if so, for how long, what exams she took, and if she received a diploma.

We have no data in the student system related to the person you have asked about.

-the higher education institution answered the media request. Mandiner also checked with the Office of the National Assembly about the matter, but was told that the office did not have the competence to check the CVs of its members. Bangóné herself did not respond to Mandiner’s questions about the matter.

After the news was publicized on Saturday, MSZP released a statement the next day:

At an extraordinary meeting of the National Presidency of the MSZP on January 23, 2022, it was determined that Ildikó Bangóné Borbély had deceived the public and the Hungarian Socialist Party community regarding her educational attainment, thus we are parting our political paths from each other.

-wrote the party. As they also noted, MSZP has consistently condemned acts where someone attempts to attain a degree or claim a non-existent degree as well as circumvent or fail to meet educational requirements.

The party added:

As of today, Ildikó Bangóné Borbély is not a member of the MSZP, the Hungarian Socialist Party will not run her as a candidate in the elections, and is calling for her to give up her mandate in Parliament.

MSZP now considers the case closed, and “expects the failed Fidesz politicians in the Völner-Schadl corruption scandal to depart from public life,” the party said.

Ildikó Bangóné Borbély originally entered Parliament from MSZP’s party list of candidates in 2014 and in 2018, and is currently Vice-Chair of the Legislative Committee.

Telex has not been able to receive a response from Bangóné on the issue, although MSZP’s statement has essentially acknowledged the fact that she published false information about her academic credentials.

On Facebook, the opposition’s prime ministerial candidate, Péter Márki-Zay, welcomed the action taken by the Socialist Party towards their former member. “Lying to obtain a diploma is the same type of fraud as when Fidesz members pass exams and get diplomas and doctorates through fradulent means,” he wrote.

Márki-Zay’s comment regarding ruling party Fidesz appeared to be a reference to arrested bailiff György Schadl, who is portrayed in investigative documents as having put pressure on university teachers to let a member of Minister Antal Rogán’s staff pass an exam without having taken it. [Telex, HVG]

Local MSZP Member Has “No Place in Opposition Coalition,” Says Terézváros Opposition

picture of board meeting

Opposition parties in Terézváros have united – against fellow opposition politician György Bálint from the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), who is in a feud with representatives in the Budapest district.

All of the parties in the democratic opposition, DK, Jobbik, LMP, Momentum, and Dialogue, support the representative body’s statement: György Bálint is unworthy of representing the people of Terézváros, and jointly call on him to resign his seat in the body.

-wrote the distrct’s mayor, Tamás Soproni of Momentum, on social media.

The representative body’s decision came about after the Budapest Metropolitan Court legally ruled that György Bálint and the local president of the MSZP, Csaba Hatvani, had made a suspect deal years ago that could have caused the district to lose 14 million Ft. (US $42,800).

The local members of Momentum, DK, LMP, Jobbik, and Dialogue unanimously stated that after today’s events, György Bálint has no place in the opposition coalition.

-Soproni wrote in his post.

However, MSZP members in the Terézváros government did not support the representative body’s decision.

[Telex][Photo: Tamás Soproni / Facebook]

MSZP Chair Bertalan Tóth Takes Top Spot on Party’s Electoral List

picture of Bertalan Tóth

The Hungarian Socialist Party’s (MSZP) election committee has chosen its party electoral list for the joint list of the opposition, and Chair Bertalan Tóth (pictured) has come out on top.

The primary elections in the fall determined the united opposition’s individual candidates in each electoral district, but party electoral lists were not decided on. Each party is now drawing up its own list, which shows the party’s preferences for Members of Parliament if they get enough aggregate votes, and releasing it in their own time.

Based on the committee’s recommedation, Tóth, the party chairman, will head MSZP’s list, followed by Zsolt Molnár, head of the party’s Budapest branch. In third place is Tamás Harangozó, with Imre Komjáthi and Zita Gurmai in the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

Interestingly, two nationally-known politicians, Ágnes Kunhalmi and István Hiller, are only 23rd and 24th on the list, but the party has the expectation that these two will their individual districts and so won’t need to get into Parliament from the party’s list.


MSZP: Make Every Week “Vaccine Week” From Now On

picture of vaccine location

The solution to improving the vaccination rate is obvious, according to the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP): cancel the registration procedure and start an ongoing “Vaccine Week” from now on. In light of the success of the Vaccine Week campaign, it seems like a clear step for the government to take, the party believes.

More than 18,500 people got their first shot on Monday, the first day of Vaccine Week, when citizens can receive shots without prior registration. This amount is several times higher than before the start of the campaign, when around 3,000 shots were administered daily. Indeed, the apparent intent of the Vaccine Week campaign is to reach out to those who had so far refused the vaccine completely.

The MSZP wrote that “the Orbán government, which employs the use of spyware, is unhealthily attracted to gathering data,” but saving people’s lives is more important. It is in the interest of the entire country to protect as many people as possible from the serious effects of the coronavirus, says the party, so they are demanding the end of the registration procedure.

“If the Fidesz government returns to the previous method of restricting vaccination, it must take responsibility for the dramatic results that occur,” the Socialist Party added.

[Magyar Hang]

MSZP Local Rep Kicked Out of Party for Being Too Fidesz-Friendly

picture of Miklós Fekete

It appears that Miklós Fekete from the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) got a little closer to ruling party Fidesz than his own party liked.

MSZP’s board unanimously agreed to suspend then expel from the party the representative from Tatabánya Municipality for voting with Fidesz on a number of local issues over the past few months.

“We don’t tolerate collaboration,” said MP Zita Gurmai, who initiated the procedure.

Fekete has until Nov. 15 to appear the decision, so the expulsion isn’t a done deal yet, but Gurmai doubted that the situation would change.

[444][Photo: Miklós Fekete / Facebook]

MSZP Proposes Financial Assistance for Automobile Commuters

picture of gas pump

Due to rising gasoline and oil prices, the Parliamentary caucus of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) has submitted a proposal to assist automobile commuters by modifying the personal income tax law.

MSZP proposed to raise the amount of tax rebates for commuters from 15 to 25 forints per kilometer, as commuting by car has become much more expensive due to the significant increase in fuel prices in recent weeks.

The party noted that fuel prices have risen by some 40% over the past year and that the National Assembly needed to take action on the issue, considering that roughly half of the cost of fuel goes into state coffers in some form. []

Two MSZP Reps in Zugló Change Party Affiliation to DK

In today’s political opposition news, two local government representatives in the Zugló district of Budapest changed their party affiliations from the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) to former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition (DK), writes Telex.

The two politicians are László György Hever and Bence Bitskey, and as a result of this change, DK now has six party members on the Zugló Local Council and thus a majority of members on that body.