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MEP István Ujhelyi Leaves the Socialist Party, Which Wants Its Mandate Back

In a Facebook post on Sunday morning, István Ujhelyi somewhat unexpectedly announced he was leaving the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP). Writing that “something is broken beyond repair,” the Member of the European Parliament (MEP) said he would depart the party he had been a member of for 10,625 days.

He also posted the information on Twitter:

In response, MSZP noted with regret that István Ujhelyi decided to leave “after the unsuccessful attempt to change the MSZP’s name, launching a referendum effort that was later withdrawn, and abandoning his ambitions of becoming party president.”

The party also expressed its disappointment, but insisted that the parting was on friendly terms. And since “the basis of a long friendship is accurate accounting,” they asked István Ujhelyi to settle a large debt he had accumulated with the party over the years, and also called on him to give back his European parliamentary mandate to the Hungarian Socialist Party. [Népszava]

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