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MSZP Chair Bertalan Tóth Takes Top Spot on Party’s Electoral List

picture of Bertalan Tóth

The Hungarian Socialist Party’s (MSZP) election committee has chosen its party electoral list for the joint list of the opposition, and Chair Bertalan Tóth (pictured) has come out on top.

The primary elections in the fall determined the united opposition’s individual candidates in each electoral district, but party electoral lists were not decided on. Each party is now drawing up its own list, which shows the party’s preferences for Members of Parliament if they get enough aggregate votes, and releasing it in their own time.

Based on the committee’s recommedation, Tóth, the party chairman, will head MSZP’s list, followed by Zsolt Molnár, head of the party’s Budapest branch. In third place is Tamás Harangozó, with Imre Komjáthi and Zita Gurmai in the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

Interestingly, two nationally-known politicians, Ágnes Kunhalmi and István Hiller, are only 23rd and 24th on the list, but the party has the expectation that these two will their individual districts and so won’t need to get into Parliament from the party’s list.


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