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Medián: Far-Right Our Homeland the Most Popular Party Among Young Hungarians

A new Medián poll shows Our Homeland Movement as the most popular political party for Hungarians under 30, with 20% of this group declaring their support for the far-right party.

After Our Homeland, there was diffuse support for Hungary’s other political parties:

  • The Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party (MKKP) at 19%,
  • Momentum at 17%,
  • Fidesz-KDNP at 14%,
  • Jobbik at 9%,
  • Democratic Coalition (DK) at 5%,
  • LMP at 4%,
  • Péter Márki-Zay’s Everybody’s Hungary Movement at 4%,
  • Péter Jakab’s new Party of the People Movement at 3%,
  • Dialogue at 2%,
  • and MSZP at 1%,

while support for all other parties beyond those above garnering a total of 2% among this age group.

But according to Dániel Róna, a university researcher who examined the data, the difference between the top four spots is actually small, and the difference between Our Homeland’s 20% and Fidesz’s 14% only appears large on the surface. Considering that a representative sample of 1,000 people were polled, this means that fewer than 150 people between the ages of 18-29 were questioned about their party preferences.

In other words, Róna said that there was a high margin of error for this part of the poll, and that any of the top four parties could have emerged as the winner.

“I do not think Our Homeland is the most popular party with young people, but it is true that it is among the most popular,” said Róna, who said that the reason behind this result was this age group’s dissatisfaction with older parties and politicians, particularly Viktor Orbán and Ferenc Gyurcsány, and a desire for new options.

In mid-February, the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party came out on top in a Medián poll as the most popular opposition party for those under 40. [Magyar Narancs]

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