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Ujhelyi Pushes MSZP to Freshen Up Its Brand With Radical Change

István Ujhelyi, Member of the European Parliament for the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), advocated radical change for his party at MSZP’s board meeting on Saturday.

A complete transformation is needed instead of small changes, said Ujhelyi, adding that the MSZP’s brand has become obsolete and the party has to start building on completely new foundations.

Ujhelyi detailed his suggestions in a Facebook post, explaining that the fourth two-thirds victory by Fidesz had made it clear that the party shouldn’t be fighting better and harder, but “completely differently.”

Referring to MSZP’s floral symbol, Ujhelyi wrote:

We need to be able to say that the carnation has withered, which does not mean that it should be thrown away together with the pot: rather, we need to bring it new soil, water it with fresh water, and plant a new flower.


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