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MSZP: Make Every Week “Vaccine Week” From Now On

picture of vaccine location

The solution to improving the vaccination rate is obvious, according to the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP): cancel the registration procedure and start an ongoing “Vaccine Week” from now on. In light of the success of the Vaccine Week campaign, it seems like a clear step for the government to take, the party believes.

More than 18,500 people got their first shot on Monday, the first day of Vaccine Week, when citizens can receive shots without prior registration. This amount is several times higher than before the start of the campaign, when around 3,000 shots were administered daily. Indeed, the apparent intent of the Vaccine Week campaign is to reach out to those who had so far refused the vaccine completely.

The MSZP wrote that “the Orbán government, which employs the use of spyware, is unhealthily attracted to gathering data,” but saving people’s lives is more important. It is in the interest of the entire country to protect as many people as possible from the serious effects of the coronavirus, says the party, so they are demanding the end of the registration procedure.

“If the Fidesz government returns to the previous method of restricting vaccination, it must take responsibility for the dramatic results that occur,” the Socialist Party added.

[Magyar Hang]

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