Have MSZP and DK made an agreement to divide up Budapest?

HVG summarizes recent articles in Magyar Idők and Magyar Nemzet claiming that leading left-wing parties MSZP and DK have agreed to split up Budapest amongst themselves for the next elections in 2018.

According to Magyar Idők, out of the 18 voting districts in the capital, MSZP will run its candidates in 11 of them and DK will run its candidates in the remaining 7 districts. Magyar Nemzet reports that the list of candidates has been ready for weeks, but that no official decision has been made on it yet by MSZP.

Both MSZP and DK officially denied news of any agreement.

DK contacting the FBI about Pharaon

The Demokratikus Koalíció (DK) party is contacting Interpol and the FBI about the claim that the Hungarian Prime Minister’s family is doing business with Ghaith Pharaon, who is allegedly on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

László Varju, the party’s deputy chair, held a press conference on Sunday in Budapest about Pharaon’s high-value real estate dealings with a family member of PM Viktor Orbán, and that he most recently he purchased a piece of property opposite Orbán’s home, according to MTI.

Varju stated that Pharaon had previously done business with Osama bin Laden, and stressed that “since the government is doing business with internationally-known criminals,” DK would do all it could to protect the county. This was why, he said, the party was contacting Interpol, the FBI, and Hungarian authorities.