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Financially-Speaking, DK the Biggest Winner of Election

picture of Ferenc Gyurcsány took a look at how much money each party in Parliament can expect to receive following the April 3 elections, declaring the Democratic Coalition (DK) as the biggest winner. The party of Ferenc Gyurcsány (pictured) can expect to get 400 million Ft. (US $1.15 million) more every year in state funding than in the previous parliamentary cycle.

All total, DK’s 15-strong parliamentary group can expect to earn 97 million Ft. ($277,000) per month, which is close to 1.2 billion Ft. ($3.4 million) a year. Previously, the party received 64 million Ft. ($183,000) every month, which it could spend on operating expenses and advisors.

Jobbik, however, lost big in the election, with its financial allowance dropping from 1.26 billion Ft. ($3.6 million) to 770 million ($2.20 million) due to its smaller representation in Parliament this cycle. Whereas they had 17 MPs in the previous Parliament, the party can only count on nine this time around. This may change slightly, however, if DK’s Klára Dobrev remains an MEP and doesn’t accept her mandate in the Hungarian Parliament, allowing Jobbik’s Noémi Végh to get a seat on the joint party list.

Likewise, MSZP will also have to get by with significantly less money from now on, as their financial allowance dropped by 330 million Ft. ($945,000) after they lost five MPs in this election, going from 15 to 10.

Dialogue, however, will get an extra 130 million Ft. ($372,000) annually after their parlimentary group grew from five to seven. There may be another change here as well, depending on whether a Dialogue MP takes Péter Márki-Zay’s parliamentary mandate. The mayor of Hódmezővásárhely previously indicated that he would focus on his town instead of join the new Parliament.

LMP’s parliamentary group was also reduced by one member, meaning the party can expect to receive 530 million Ft. ($1.52 million) for its five MPs.

Our Homeland, entering Parliament for the first time, can expect to get a similar amount, 590 million Ft. ($1.69 million), for its six-member group. Momentum, the other newcomer to the National Assembly, will be entitled to received an annual 925 million Ft. ($2.65 million) with its 11-member delegation in Parliament.

Regarding the ruling parties, KDNP will continue to receive a financial allowance of 1.3 billion Ft. ($3.72 million) with no change in its parliamentary delegation. As for Fidesz, the main governing party can expect to receive the largest financial allowance of 7.3 billion Ft. ($20.9 million) with its 118 Members of Parliament. Fidesz’s delegation grew by two MPs compared to the previous governing cycle, providing the party with an extra 130 million Ft. per year.


Fidesz MPs are involved in Völner corruption case, says Hadházy

picture of Pál Völner

Ákos Hadházy thinks that the corruption case against Fidesz politician Pál Völner (pictured) is not really about him at all, but is much “broader,” the independent MP told the program Partizán Spartacus on Sunday night.

The opposition politician claimed that those working in the judicial executor’s office where the alleged corruption took place were practically threatened not to talk about it or risk being fired. However, in the midst of this great secrecy, the authorities also made mistakes, he said.

Among these mistakes were the fact that the existence of an investigation against Völner had been written in a public document. In addition, since information was constantly leaking out about it, after a while the situation was no longer tenable. And so, according to Hadházy the government had no other choice but to let Völner go and make it look like they were dealing with corruption within their own ranks.

On the involvement of others in the government, he said:

It seems very likely that Völner was not the only Fidesz politician who had a hand in these things … there may have been a fairly high level of involvement in Fidesz.

Ákos Hadházy did not provide an answer as to whether there may be involvement at the ministerial level, but said that “for now,” he is convinced that other Fidesz MP are also involved in the affair.

As previously reported, Pál Völner resigned last week as state secretary for legal affairs in the Ministry of Justice after the Prosecutor General asked for his Parliamentary immunity to be lifted. The Fidesz politician left his post as secretary of state, but said in a statement that he had not committed a crime.


DK demands publication of Orbán’s dossier on Covid stats

picture of Zoltán Varga

Viktor Orbán did not talk about the key issues in his regular Friday morning interview on public radio, according to the Democratic Coalition (DK). Specifically, the Prime Minister did not respond to the shortage of doctors and nurses in intensive care units, instead mentioning a “magic dossier” summarizing the experience of previous waves and preparing for new measures, said Zoltán Varga (pictured), a spokeperson for the DK caucus in Parliament and a member of the Welfare Committee, in a prepared statement.

The party says it is clear that the government is either incapable of interpreting such a dossier, or that Orban has not told the truth and there is no detailed summary on Hungary’s coronavirus experience.

DK is therefore demanding the immediate publication of this dossier the prime minister claims to exist, and sharing with the Hungarian public detailed information on the number of free hospital beds, specialists working in intensive care units and the number of vaccines the country has available.

Hungarians cannot be expected to trust a government that has been obscuring the progression of the epidemic for more than a year and a half, the party believes. “The lack of honest information is measurable in human lives, which Orbán fails to understand,” said Zoltán Varga.


Two MSZP representatives in Zugló change party affiliation to DK

In today’s political opposition news, two local government representatives in the Zugló district of Budapest changed their party affiliations from the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) to former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány’s Democratic Coalition (DK), writes Telex.

The two politicians are László György Hever and Bence Bitskey, and as a result of this change, DK now has six party members on the Zugló Local Council and thus a majority of members on that body.

György Magyar: DK shouldn’t sue the public media broadcaster

As we reported yesterday, the Democratic Coalition (DK) party is planning to sue public media broadcaster MTVA for a statement on Kossuth Rádió defaming the party’s former prime ministerial nominee, Klára Dobrev. However, speaking to Klubrádió, lawyer György Magyar thinks it’s a bad idea.

Magyar claims that there’s not much point in DK’s lawsuit against MTVA, which was apparently based on allegations in the new film “Elkxrtuk,” and that it will only result in more talk about it. DK should instead embrace the weapon of irony and win next year’s elections, according to Magyar.

The lawyer says that the political opposition cannot rest on its laurels, and should focus more on who will become Hungary’s next President.

Magyar is the head of the Civil Election Committee, which is in charge of arranging the next primary election to decide the united opposition’s joint candidate for President of the Republic. [Klubrádió]

DK suing state broadcaster MTVA for defamation

poster of Elkxrtuk movie

The Democratic Coalition (DK) party has decided to sue state broadcaster MTVA for defamation over a statement heard on Kossuth Rádió yesterday about Klára Dobrev, their nominee for this month’s primary election.

The radio presenter of “Good Morning, Hungary!” claimed that Dobrev had decided “in 2006 to beat and shoot out the eyes of innocent people in the street.” In other words, the radio presenter had accepted as fact the allegations made in the recent film “Elkxrtuk.”

A DK press release states that “the propagandists of public radio have swallowed Fidesz’ propaganda film whole, the conspiracy theory contained in ‘Elkxrtuk.'” As a result of these unfounded allegations, “the Democratic Coalition will naturally sue MTVA.” [444]