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Democratic Coalition Proposes “Gyurcsány Days” at Gas Stations

picture of Ferenc Gyurcsány

The Democratic Coalition (DK) is proposing to the Prime Minister’s Office that ‘Gyurcsány Days’ be held at gas stations because of how high gas prices have risen in recent days compared to when party Chair Ferenc Gyurcsány was in power.

According to party spokesman Balázs Barkóczi, the Prime Minister’s cabinet is indifferent to the fact that since last Friday, 95-grade gasoline is 506 Ft per liter and diesel is 517 Ft per liter. In 2009, when the previous government was in power, the party stated that a liter of gasoline and a liter of diesel only cost 257 Ft and 252 Ft, respectively.

As reported by Hungarian state news agency MTI, Barkóczi said at an online press conference on Monday that the government was “apologizing and lying” over the record high fuel price last week.

Instead of confronting its “bankrupt exchange rate policy”, which is decisively influencing record fuel prices and acknowledging that it has increased taxes on fuel, the government is “trying to make cheap lies,” the opposition politician said.


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