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DK Demands Publication of Orbán Dossier on Covid Stats

picture of Zoltán Varga

Viktor Orbán did not talk about the key issues in his regular Friday morning interview on public radio, according to the Democratic Coalition (DK). Specifically, the Prime Minister did not respond to the shortage of doctors and nurses in intensive care units, instead mentioning a “magic dossier” summarizing the experience of previous waves and preparing for new measures, said Zoltán Varga (pictured), a spokeperson for the DK caucus in Parliament and a member of the Welfare Committee, in a prepared statement.

The party says it is clear that the government is either incapable of interpreting such a dossier, or that Orban has not told the truth and there is no detailed summary on Hungary’s coronavirus experience.

DK is therefore demanding the immediate publication of this dossier the prime minister claims to exist, and sharing with the Hungarian public detailed information on the number of free hospital beds, specialists working in intensive care units and the number of vaccines the country has available.

Hungarians cannot be expected to trust a government that has been obscuring the progression of the epidemic for more than a year and a half, the party believes. “The lack of honest information is measurable in human lives, which Orbán fails to understand,” said Zoltán Varga.


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