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György Magyar: DK Shouldn’t Sue Public Media Broadcaster

As we reported yesterday, the Democratic Coalition (DK) party is planning to sue public media broadcaster MTVA for a statement on Kossuth Rádió defaming the party’s former prime ministerial nominee, Klára Dobrev. However, speaking to Klubrádió, lawyer György Magyar thinks it’s a bad idea.

Magyar claims that there’s not much point in DK’s lawsuit against MTVA, which was apparently based on allegations in the new film “Elkxrtuk,” and that it will only result in more talk about it. DK should instead embrace the weapon of irony and win next year’s elections, according to Magyar.

The lawyer says that the political opposition cannot rest on its laurels, and should focus more on who will become Hungary’s next President.

Magyar is the head of the Civil Election Committee, which is in charge of arranging the next primary election to decide the united opposition’s joint candidate for President of the Republic. [Klubrádió]

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