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Závecz: Fidesz Has Lost a Million Voters Since May

Ruling party Fidesz had the support of 46% of the population in May of this year, which was the highest ever support in the history of the party. However, by September, this figure had dropped to 37%, and is now at 33%. This means that one million voters have left Fidesz since May, according to the latest Závecz Research poll reported by

With the share of unaffiliated voters increasing from 20 to 30%, opposition parties have been unable to substantially increase their support. Left-wing Democratic Coalition (DK) remains the strongest opposition party, with 9% support in May and 11% now. Our Homeland, LMP, and MKKP have all gained by one percentage point each, while the popularity of the other opposition parties is stagnating or declining.

Fidesz’s decline over the summer occurred mainly among those having only a primary school education and with skilled workers, a trend most noticeable in small and medium-sized cities.

In September, 35% of those under thirty supported Fidesz, but now only 25% of them favor the governing party.

The percentage of people who believed that Hungary was going in the wrong direction has also seen significant uptick. In May, this accounted for 52% of the population, but it increased to 62% in September and 71% in November. [Magyar Narancs]

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  1. Michael Detreköy

    Thanks for this update!
    As the Orbán govt. with full national media control, regresses to stern old-school Moscovite orientation, more Hungarians realize that the polarity of the new Cold War is not quite what it was back in the old days of Soviet rule. Thanks to the internet!

    • Steven

      Fortunately for the governing party, there’s still a lot of time left until the next election, so I’m sure they feel safe.

  2. Géza

    I guess you are right, Steven. Sad, but true. It is of course positive, more and more Hungarians wake up to reality. Now Fidesz wants to get rid of emergency doctors in key towns who also serve little villages around them (for example key towns of Pilis and Albertirsa between Cegléd and Monor) leaving tens of thousands of people without close emergency care.

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