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Závecz: Support for Fidesz Has Increased Since Elections

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz-KDNP coaltion increased its base of support since its victory in the parliamentary elections last month, according to the latest Závecz Research poll. Echoing the results of Medián’s own poll from a few days ago, the latest poll provides evidence of the well-known post-election “bandwagon” effect.

Fidesz would receive 60% of the vote if elections were held now, according to the poll, which also shows DK as the strongest opposition party at 11% support and Our Homeland at 7%, which was their share of the vote in the election.

Závecz’s results largely coincide with what Medián found, but with one difference: while Závecz had the left-wing DK more popular than the far-right Our Homeland party, these results were flipped in the Medián poll.

The other parties in the opposition were either on the verge of the threshold to enter Parliament, with Jobbik, Momentum, and MSZP each getting 5% support, or below it, with LMP at 3% and Dialogue and MKKP both at 1%.

Taking a closer look at the demographics of the poll, Fidesz appears to be strong and stable throughout the country. However, the smaller the settlement, the more popular the party is: the governing party has the support of 35% of the adult population in Budapest, 39% in county seats, 50% in other rural cities, and 54% in small towns.

A similar phenomenon can be seen in terms of educational attainment and age: the older and less-educated a voter is, the more likely they are to support Fidesz. [Telex]

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