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Most Fidesz Supporters Don’t Think Poster Campaign Showing Sanctions as Bombs is Accurate

Only 31% of Fidesz supporters think that the government’s posters displaying bomb imagery, used in conjunction wtih the latest “national consultation” on sanctions, represent an accurate depiction of the current situation, according to a Publicus Institute poll commissioned by Népszava and reported in the newspaper on Monday.

Enthusiasm is even lower among the entire survey sample of 1,007 people, where only 7% feel that the posters reflect reality, and 74% believe they give a false impression. Moreover, nearly two-thirds of the population consider the national consultation on “Brussels sanctions” to be particularly useless.

However, thoughts on the national consultation, composed of questions devised by the government and mailed to every household, are strongly divided by party preference: while four-fifths of those who support ruling party Fidesz think that it is useful, it is rejected by 96% of opposition voters and 67% of undecided voters.

In one particularly interesting question, survey respondents were asked how many sanctions packages Viktor Orbán’s government had voted for. Among Fidesz supporters, 26% claimed none of them, while 41% said only some of them, meaning that two-thirds of government party supporters were not aware that Hungary had voted for every sanctions package so far. 35% of undecided voters were also unaware of this fact.

Regarding the causes of high food prices, 87% of those surveyed blamed the weak forint, while 79% (which necessarily includes at least some government supporters) said it was because of faulty economic policy. In addition, 60% pointed to the way traders set prices, 88% mentioned high energy prices, and 57% said the EU sanctions on Russia were responsible for the high price of food products. [HVG]

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