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Fidesz Supporters Disgusted With Novák for Traveling to Ukraine

“I am here in Kiev, invited by the President of Ukraine. Where there is need, we are there to help,” wrote Hungarian President Katalin Novák on Facebook on Saturday, under a photo of herself with Volodymyr Zelensky and other regional leaders.

The photo and the visit does not appear to have brought Hungary’s head of state much popularity, judging by comments appearing beneath the post.

A minority of comments blames the hypocrisy of Novák traveling to Ukraine while her former party, the ruling Fidesz-KDNP coalition, is “pushing Russian propaganda 24/7.”

However, the vast majority of comments are from Fidesz supporters, and these people do not appear to approve of Novák’s diplomatic trip in the slightest, even calling for her removal. In a sample of the comments:

“Such a shame you had to go there, Mrs. President! We expect better government cooperation than this! I do not even see a single euro cent as proper for the leadership in Kyiv!”

“Dear Katalin Novák! Forgive me, but I am extremely sad as you are posing here with the man who destroyed our Turul statue, who is ruining the everyday life of our Hungarians living there, making their lives impossible, who – if the Russians had not stopped him – would have cut off the vital oil pipeline, and who is currently causing so much damage to our country.”

“That deranged dwarf in the middle [Ukrainian President Zelensky], the whole of Europe is suffering because of him!!”

“I hope you are fired! You are not worthy of your position!”

“You’re going to a messed-up country where the Ukrainians hate the Hungarians… Why do you want to help those brain dead people so much?”

“SHAME!! And a national government no less… BUT TELL ME, OF WHICH NATION??”


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  1. Michael Detreköy

    Pickled in Fidesz/Post Soviet propaganda, as most Hungarians are, the confusion will be sorted by the Hun govt. media.
    Interesting case for media analysis!

  2. Géza

    Well, it is known who Orbán and his Fidesz friends are. Enemies of the Hungarian people. Enough examples to prove this.

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