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Hollik: MPs Not at the Opening Session of Parliament Won’t Be Able to Hold Office

Members of Parliament who do not take an oath of office at the inaugural session of Parliament will not be able to hold any official position in the National Assembly, wrote Fidesz communications director István Hollik on Facebook Monday night.

Hollik no doubt was responding to debates within the opposition as to whether there was any point in being present at Parliament’s opening session on May 2. Momentum, for example, has set five conditions that must be met in order for the party’s MPs to take part in the ceremony.

Others have argued for stronger action: Ákos Hadházy, who will caucus with Momentum, has argued that it may make more sense for the opposition simply not to accept their mandates unless certain conditions are met, although Momentum’s Anna Orosz has announced that she would take her seat in Parliament. [Telex]

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