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Fidesz to Reduce Subsidies for Parliamentary Party Caucuses

Fidesz parliamentary group leader Máté Kocsis intends to reduce the amount parliamentary caucuses get from the state budget, writes ATV.

Kocsis believes it is “unfair” that parliamentary groups receive a total of 30 billion Ft. (US $77.9 million) for one term, while the parties themselves only get 2.5 billion Ft. ($6.5 million) in total subsidies.

He said that MPs from the governing parties previously received 2.2 million Ft. ($5,700) per month for each mandate, and opposition MPs 3.1 million Ft. ($8,000).

But after the last election, Fidesz-KDNP MPs now get 2.6 million Ft. ($6,700) and opposition MPs 4.5 million Ft. ($11,700) each, meaning that opposition parliamentary groups will get 6 billion Ft. ($15.6 million) more over the next four years than they got in the previous parliamentary cycle.

In addition, said Kocsis, this money is now needed for more important things, such as funding the government’s utility price cuts.

As a result, the Fidesz politician plans to submit a proposal next week to reduce funding for the “left-wing” opposition parliamentary groups by 3 billion Ft. ($7.8 million), and the government parties by 2 billion Ft. ($5.2 million). [444]

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