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Fekete-Győr Sets Conditions on Momentum Taking Part in Parliament’s Opening Session

Momentum MPs may take part in the National Assembly’s opening session on May 2 after all, but only under certain conditions, according to an open letter the party’s future group leader in Parliament, András Fekete-Győr, wrote to his Fidesz countepart, Máté Kocsis.

Although MPs from the opposition party had earlier stated that they would not be taking part in the opening session, and not take “decorative positions” in Parliament, Fekete-Győr’s letter to Kocsis highlights five conditions, such as not modifying the election law without opposition approval, that would induce them to change their minds.

However, Telex writes that it would be a “surprising turn of events” if Fidesz were to grant any one of these requests by the former Momentum president.

With 11 MPs, Momentum will have the second-largest opposition caucus in Parliament. [Telex]

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