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European Commission Expected to Launch Conditionality Mechanism Tomorrow

The European Commission is expected to approve the launch of the conditionality mechanism against Hungary on Wednesday, and Budget Commissioner Johannes Hahn on the same day will send the official written notice from the Brussels-based body to the relevant officials in the Hungarian government.

This will mark the beginning of a six-to-nine month process, at the end of which a council of representatives from the governments of the Member States could penalize Hungary by suspending or stopping a portion of EU aid if it is clear that EU financial interests are directly harmed by the country’s breaches in the rule of law. [Népszava]

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  1. Misi bacsi

    Given the presence of Hungary at the recent meeting in Germany of nations in NATO, EU and/or closely associated with NATO, EU and/or USA, which addressed arms for Ukraine, I suspect the Orban regime is more keenly aware of the dangerous position regarding potential EU cut off of $$. Perhaps the peacock will even allow arms to be shipped to Ukraine via Hungary if he sees that the EU is threatening to cut off funds and/or send funds directly to cities such as Budapest (which are governed by the opposition). One thing is certain, the other east European members of NATO, as well as Ukraine are not likely to forget Orban’s obsequious behavior toward Putin.

  2. 2bits4free

    All of this could have been avoided had the EU behaved more responsibly with tax payer`s money.
    Why didn’t the EU send an EU mandated independent auditors to each country, to set up offices to oversee that funds are spent properly.
    That way, even Orban could not complain that Hungary is always picked on and even here, instead of lining the pockets of his greedy mafia gang masquerading as our “government”, schools and hospitals would be in much better condition.

    The EU, as usual, takes action once the horse has already bolted.

  3. Misi bacsi

    I think you are correct “2BITS4FREE” regarding monitoring of EU funds in each and every country. I doubt that would have stopped Orban from complaining; however, proper fiscal oversight would have prevented theft on a grand scale not only in Hungary (the worst of the worst), but other countries in both west and east Europe. The EU has behaved like an alcoholic family, in and out of denial. Perhaps the Putin regime invasion of Ukraine, let alone the fake election in Hungary has-finally- pulled the wool covers off their eyes.

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