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Fidesz to Boycott Extraordinary Parliamentary Session Called by Opposition

Ruling party Fidesz has told that its parliamentary representatives would not be attending the extraordinary session in Parliament being convening by the political opposition.

The opposition parties announced on Monday afternoon that they would initiate convening an extraordinary parliamentary session, and would also submit proposals to Parliament intended to alleviate the crisis affecting the livelihood of Hungarians.

Issues they expect to address are the modification of the KATA tax law, the development of new regulations following stakeholder consultations, withdrawing the increase in utility costs, and lowering VAT on staple grocery items.

Fidesz did not immediately announce whether it would take part in the extraordinary meeting or not, but their reaction to the initiative gave an indication. The party referred to the fact that DK President Ferenc Gyurcsány claimed that he was “getting ready,” a phrase the former prime minister has begun using recently to end his Facebook posts, and which Fidesz interpreted as Gyurcsány’s intention to “bring together all of his smaller members” and return to power.

Parliamentary Speaker László Kövér must still call Parliament to order, but the National Assembly will not have quorum without the representatives from the governing party. This means that speeches on the agenda will be delivered, but the opposition won’t have enough MPs to vote on the agenda and the session will then be adjourned. [Magyar Hang]

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  1. Michael Detreköy

    Fidesz & Co. act under orders to sit still and hold tight, untill the Boss and Consigliere are back from the far-right ssow in the US.

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