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Závecz: Fidesz Retains Slight Lead Over United Opposition List

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One week before Hungary’s parliamentary election, a new Závecz Research poll shows that nearly as many people want a change of government (42%) as they prefer the Orbán government to stay in power (44%), reports Telex.

The poll results suggest that the proportion is similar for those who don’t have a party preference, with an identical 26% each for both those who want the government to stay versus those who want it to go.

Opinions on whether to change the government or not are presumed to indicate how those with “unknown” party affilition will end up voting in the election. 64% of this group claim they’ve already made up their minds, but did not share their preferences with the polling company.

Just a week before Hungarians are set to go to the polls, support for ruling Fidesz-KDNP (41%) and the opposition coalition United for Hungary (39%) are also roughly the same size. The 2 percentage point difference is within the poll’s margin of error.

The polling company’s data also clearly indicate a high turnout for Sunday, with as many as 80% of eligible voters expected to cast a vote.

The Závecz Research poll was conducted between March 23-25 through interviews with 800 people by telephone. The sample group is considered representative of the Hungarian population over the age of 18, balanced by gender, age group, education level, and location, and an estimated margin of error at +/- 3.5%.


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