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TV2 On-Screen Talent Come Out in Support of Viktor Orbán in Joint Video

picture of Anikó Marsi

“I want my family and my children to continue to live in peace,” says Gábor Gönczi, one of the hosts of TV2‘s news program, in a video in which employees of the pro-government station profess their support not for ruling party Fidesz, but for Viktor Orbán himself.

Appearing individually in the same video, Anikó Marsi, László Istenes, and even the channel’s new director, Vivien Szalai, explain why they’re pleased with the way things are going today in Hungary. Marsi (pictured above) adds that she wants to live in a country that “will continue to stay out of the war, and for this we need a leader like Viktor Orbán.”

After each person says their piece, they all repeat one-by-one, “this is why I support Viktor Orbán on April 3.”

The 79-second video can be viewed here.

Since Orbán is not running as a candidate in an individual electoral district, Hungarian voters will not actually have the opportunity to vote for him directly. But Orbán fans can show their support for the Prime Minister by voting for the Fidesz party list on the second ballot, where he is the list leader.

Four years ago, TV2 was fined 3.45 million Ft. (US $10,265) for openly campaigning for Orbán. Employees at the station, similar to the current video, announced that they would all be voting for Fidesz.

[444][Photo: TV2]

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