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Republikon: Fidesz Slightly Ahead, But Within Margin of Error

picture of Hungarian Parliament

A new Republikon poll shows Fidesz with a slight lead, Our Homeland and MKKP still not reaching the minimum 5% threshold to get into Parliament, and the results of the election likely to come down to turnout, reports Telex.

Among those who state which party they’ll vote for, 49% of respondents chose Fidesz compared to 46% for the united opposition. Just 3% of this group plan to vote for Our Homeland, and 2% throw their support behind the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party (MKKP).

The Republikon poll revealed an even closer race among all voters, with Fidesz edging out the six-party opposition coalition United for Hungary by just 2 percentage points (41-39%).

Since the previous poll in February, ruling party Fidesz has increased its support by 1 percentage point among both definite party voters and all voters, while support for the opposition remained unchanged.

The results suggest that the election may come down to which side is able to make a stronger appeal to undecided voters, and is better able to mobilize their voters to come out to the polling stations on April 3.

In addition to party preferences, the poll also asked about specific issues. According to the results:

  • 57% said that Hungary’s allies were in the West instead of the East. While 16% disagree with this, even a small majority of Fidesz voters were more pro-Western.
  • 63% believe Hungary has a duty to help the Ukrainians even if it harms the economy, while 19% were opposed to this.
  • 46% of respondents are in favor of Hungary adopting the euro, with 31% against it. A majority of Fidesz voters prefer to keep the forint as the country’s official currency, but 79% of opposition supporters want Hungary to join the Eurozone.

The representative poll was conducted by Republikon Institute between March 16-18, and has an estimated margin of error of 3.2%.

[HVG][Photo: Krisztian Kormos / Pexels]

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