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Hungary’s Official Rhetoric Almost Openly Pro-Russian, Says Ukrainian Deputy PM

picture of Iryna Vereshchuk

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk leveled sharp criticism of the Hungarian government on Tuesday, reports Telex.

In a blistering Facebook post, Vereshchuk (pictured) complained that Hungary is not supplying arms to Ukraine, and claims that the Hungarian government’s rhetoric is little different from an openly pro-Russian stance.

The way the official Hungarian leadership is treating Ukraine lately is worse than even that of some of the Russian satellite states from the former Soviet Union.

It is sure to be an unpleasant surprise, especially for the Hungarian Ukrainians, many of whom I know personally.

Hungary does not support the sanctions. They don’t provide weapons. They don’t allow transit of weapon supplies from other countries. They say “no” to virtually everything. Very little differentiates the rhetorics of the official Budapest from the openly pro-Russian position.

Why? Is that because they want Russian gas with a discount? Or maybe that is because they silently dream of our Transcarpathia?

-wrote Iryna Vereshchuk, urging Hungary to take “the right side, the one of the civilized world,” unlike in World War II, when she said “Hungary made the wrong choice.”

Yes, the right choice is always hard at first, but it is easy to live by in the future.

-she concluded, making a moral appeal for the Hungarian government to do more to assist her country in its war against Russia.


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