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Russian-Backed Paks II Project Reportedly Facing Difficulties

picture of construction site

A number of employees working on the Paks II nuclear power plant expansion project for a subcontractor to general contractor Rosatom were allegedly not paid several months’ wages before they were finally let go, reports RTL News.

Workers from Szekszárd approached their Member of Parliament, Tamás Harangozó from MSZP, for help in the matter. One of them claimed that the subcontractor owed them a month and a half of back pay, while another claimed he was due 600,000-700,000 Ft. (US $1,760-$2,052).

They also claim that the Russian-led company sent them on forced leave in March. When they returned, a document terminating the contract by mutual agreement was waiting for them, and those who signed the agreement reportedly did not receive a copy of the contract.

RTL contacted the government for comment, but they were directed to Rosatom’s Hungarian office. Rosatom did not deny the reports to the news channel, acknowledging:

There have been some temporary difficulties of a technical nature, but the Russian general contractor for the project is making a special effort to assist its subcontractors.

It was not mentioned whether or not these technical problems were due to the war and the sanctions imposed on Russia, but the company said that the Paks II project was on schedule.


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