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Public Media Heads Complain to Election Commission Over Opposition Criticism

picture of György Nógrádi on television

The heads of public media are turning to the Media Council and National Election Commission over “attacks by the political opposition,” leaders of broadcasters MTVA and Duna Media Service announced in a joint statement.

According to the statement by Menyhért Dobos and Dániel Papp:

The independent Hungarian public media is again being attacked by the left. They now they want to dictate what should be in the news with regards to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

They write that the Hungarian left regularly attacks Hungarian public media, “sometimes with physical violence, and other times with the help of their own media, but there is an intent to use political pressure to intervene in editorial work, completely ignoring the legal regulations that apply to them.”

The fact that the Hungarian political left repeatedly attacks the institutional system of the independent media in this tense situation is completely unacceptable.

-the letter states.

“In Hungarian public media,” write Dobos and Papp, “only editorial freedom determines what gets into the news and how.”

Hungary’s political opposition has turned to the OSCE about what they call pro-Russian bias in Hungarian public media since hostilities between Russia and Ukraine broke out last week. [444]

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