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Opposition Parties Turning to OSCE Over Pro-Putin Propaganda in State-Funded Media

screenshot of Hungarian M1 television

United for Hungary finds it unacceptable that state-funded media and pro-government media outlets, which are also funded from taxpayer money, are playing a role in spreading Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war propaganda. As such, they are turning to OSCE’s mission in Hungary over the matter, according to a statement released by the political parties in the opposition coalition.

The united opposition feels it must speak out about how Hungary’s public media distorts the reality about Russian aggression, while also taking positions stated by the Hungarian opposition out of context, completely changing their original meaning.

This practice is reprehensible and especially irresponsible given that the European Union has started to impose sanctions on Russian media companies spreading Putin’s war propaganda, the parties believe.

As many are presently losing their lives in defense of their homes in the neighboring country of Ukraine, United for Hungary says it is extremely important to provide accurate information and present political statements honestly. The current war demands that state-run media, which gets more than 130 billion Ft. (US $387 million) of public money annually, meet at least these requirements at a minimum. [Magyar Hang]

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