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“Ukraine Started the War”: Hungarian State Media Promoting Pro-Russian Agenda

picture of Georg Spöttl

Hungary’s flagship public television station, M1, has been featuring commentators that appear to be promoting a pro-Russian perspective on the war in Ukraine, reports 444.

Georg Spöttle (pictured above), a national security expert from the Nézőpont Institute, commented on public television that Russian forces had been advancing calmly and professionally, unloading their ammunition with composed faces. They can see that there is no resistance, Spöttle claims, and only the Ukrainians are afraid of something.

“They have calmly done their job,” said Georg Spöttle on Hungarian state television.

At the same time, Spöttle finds it dangerous that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on his citizens to arm themselves. For one thing, such talk is irresponsible because psychopaths and terrorists are able to get their hands on weapons, he said.

But he also thinks it’s dangerous because the population will then use these weapons to start shooting at the Russians, who will shoot back and cause civilian deaths. Spöttle notes that Adolf Hitler also gave weapons to German women and children to combat the Russians at the end of the Second World War.

After this appearance, Hungarian public television featured Georg Spöttle again on Saturday. This time, he encouraged the Ukrainian leadership to heed President Putin’s words and resign, so that “this war can really end soon.” As he put it (at 5:13 in the video):

So the objective should be ending the war as soon as possible, and if the price for this is for the Ukrainian leadership to resign, then President Putin said that then, at that moment, the war will end. So the leadership of Ukraine should consider this, so that for President Zelenskyy and his high command, so to speak, there is as little bloodshed as possible in the next few days, so that this war can really end soon.

Nógrádi: Putin just wants a pro-Ukrainian government in Ukraine

Public television also featured expert commentary from György Nógrádi on Friday, who claimed that Russia was marching all the way to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, because it wants “neutral” leadership at the head of the country.

Putin is tired of always seeing either a pro-Russian or pro-Western government in Ukraine, claims Nógrádi, and just wants a pro-Ukrainian government in power for once.

György Nógrádi (left) on Hungarian state television

Nógrádi implied that 100,000 Ukrainians suddenly left the country in a single day because of this, and now nearly the entire continent has been set on fire because of Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.

The Ukrainian leadership has asked the Turks to close the Bosporus and the Dardanelles and not allow Russian ships to pass through [the Strait of Istanbul]. That’s a great idea – this would have meant a world war. Turkey is a member of NATO.

-commented György Nógrádi on Ukraine’s attempts to defend itself.

Even more, asserted Nógrádi, it was the Ukrainians who actually started the conflict:

Their next demand was for UN peacekeepers to enter Ukraine. As Ukraine started this war 24 hours ago and made this incredible statement, it appears that the Ukrainian leadership was not prepared, and sending UN peacekeepers there now is impossible and not an option.


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  1. Misi bacsi

    Thanks Steven. I am -of course- not surprised by the regime talking heads. Their mendacious comments are especially evil given the 1956 revolution i.e. the comments about the Ukrainian government arming civilians. No doubt some may be inappropriate to be given weapons just as some in 1956 should not have had access to weapons. However, what else is the Ukrainian government supposed to do given the Russian regime aggression?

    • Steven

      “However, what else is the Ukrainian government supposed to do given the Russian regime aggression?”
      I know, it’s madness.

  2. Joseph

    Evidently the Hungarian people are a bunch of cowards. They would surrender their country if Putin asked them to. The Ukrainians are not cowards, they are willing to fight to defend their country from a crazed despot.

    • Misi bacsi

      Some Hungarians are “cowards” (past and present). There are others, in the past and present, who have been and/or are very brave. One of the great Hungarian past heroes was Istvan Bibo who opposed fascism and communism. A modern hero is Balint Magyar, author and/or editor of numerous books exposing the lies of Orban, Putin etc and a real hero of liberal resistance to communism when that carried great risks. Balint continues to be a voice of great reason and wisdom regarding his strong opposition to the Orban regime.

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