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Public Television Re-Broadcasts Orbán’s March 15 Speech Nine Times Within 24 Hours

picture of Viktor Orbán

Someone must have been very dissatisfied with how well public media performed on October 23, writes 444. At that time, state-run television only re-broadcast Viktor Orbán’s celebratory speech five times in the 15 hours after it was shown live.

It appears they’ve now picked up the pace, with Orbán’s speech on March 15 at Kossuth Square repeated no less than nine times in the following 24 hours on public television station M1. Of course, this includes before and also right after opposition leader Péter Márki-Zay’s five-minute cameo on the channel.

According to 444, in addition to the live broadcast, the Prime Minister’s speech was repeated on Tuesday at 5:28pm, 7:00pm, 8:32pm, 10:26pm, and on Wednesday at 7:33am, 8:32am, 9:35am, 11:32am, and 2:37pm. [444]

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