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László Kövér Turned Down Orbán’s Offer for Head of State

picture of László Kövér

Chancellor Gergely Gulyás gave a long interview to in which he spoke about Fidesz’s nomination of Katalin Novák to become the next head of state.

According to Gulyás, Novák was chosen because “out of several possible candidates, László Kövér (pictured) did not want it, and knowing this, we agreed that nominating Katalin Novák was the best choice.”

The minister confirmed in the interview that Viktor Orbán first offered the job to founding Fidesz member and current House Speaker László Kövér, but “he clearly indicated that now, as before, he was not interested in taking the seat as the head of state.”

The interview with atv’s Ildikó Csuhaj also includes this brief exchange:

Csuhaj: Do you consider [opposition prime ministerial candidate] Péter Márki-Zay a dangerous character?

Gulyás: To the opposition or the government?

Csuhaj: Either one.

Gulyás: Yes, to one of them. To one of them, very much.


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