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What Hungary’s Leading Politicians Posted to Facebook on the Last Day of the Year

picture of Péter Jakab

Népszava chose four Hungarian politicians, Viktor Orbán, Judit Varga, Péter Jakab, and Ákos Hadházy, and looked at their last posts on Facebook for 2021.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán seems to have liked a rewritten version of the gypsy song “The tomatoes turned red, not yellow.” At the Government Information briefing on December 21, Orban recited the song title and added the party’s slogan, “Hungary’s going forward, not back.”

Now the song, with the Fidesz campaign slogan added, was background music for a short video the Prime Minister posted on Friday that displayed a full minute of pro-government revelry.

Minister of Justice Judit Varga had to explain the widespread surveillance and wiretaps against journalists, mayors, opposition and pro-government public figures in the Pegasus spyware case last year, followed by the resignation of her deputy Pál Völner under the suspicion of corruption, and most recently dealing with suggestions from the “Devil’s Advocate” about her sexual orientation.

Varga said goodbye to 2021 with a picture of her shooting a target and a short statement that read, “Let’s never miss our mark.”

Jobbik President Péter Jakab (pictured) competed to be the united opposition’s prime ministerial candidate this past fall, but didn’t get past the second round. He drew attention to himself with his brash speeches in Parliament, the millions of forints of fines imposed on him by Speaker László Kövér, and his Facebook selfies with “simple dishes” like bologne on bread rolls with “Piros Arany.”

It was no different on December 31, when he posted a picture of a plate of French toast with the phrase “last breakfast of the year.”

Ákos Hadházy, an independent Member of Parliament who is “responsible for corruption” in the opposition coalition, has uncovered many abuses of power, overpriced investments, and questionable development projects paid for with EU funds.

He lived up to his reputation on December 31 as well, posting that “Fidesz MPs, among them János Pócs, Mária Kállay, Szolnok Mayor Ferenc Szalay, Zsolt Németh and many others, are giving away hundreds of free tickets to Zoltán Mága’s new year concert.”

No one knows who is paying for the tickets, as they are offering them as an artistic event phrased as ‘together with Mága.’

-Hadházy wrote.


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