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Katalin Novák Takes Over Office of President of Hungary

Katalin Novák took over the office of the President of Hungary on Tuesday, with outgoing head of state János Áder receiving the new president at the entrance of the Sándor Palace in the morning, reported M1.

Novák was elected President of Hungary on March 10. Her inauguration on May 14 is expected to be a high-profile event, with a service in the Kálvin Square Reformed Church, an inauguration ceremony in Kossuth Lajos Square, and an open day in the Sándor Palace.

According to the Fundamental Law, the President of Hungary expresses the unity of the nation, guards the democratic functioning of the state organization, and is Commander-in-Chief of the Hungarian Armed Forces. The head of state is elected by the parliament for five years and is eligible for re-election once.

Katalin Novák, who will be Hungary’s sixth head of state since the end of the socialist era in 1989, introduced her staff on Monday. [HVG]

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