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Prosecutor General’s Office Not Saying Much About Völner Corruption Case

picture of Péter Polt

Independent MP Bernadett Szél received a response to her inquiry about the Pál Völner corruption case from the Office of the Prosecutor General, but she didn’t get any specific answers about it.

Szél sent a two-page request to Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt (pictured) on December 15, asking whether the role and identity of the “hitherto unknown subordinates” of the relevant ministries were also being investigated, and if there were other suspects in the case beyond Völner.

Polt’s office finally provided a terse response to the MP’s request on the last day of the year, which read:

The Central Investigating Prosecutor’s Office is conducting investigation 1.Nyom.1375/2021 against Dr. Pál Völner and others for the crime of profiteering from bribery through influence and other crimes. The ongoing investigation covers the detection and investigation of all prosecutable crimes.”

On December 7, Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt requested suspending the Parliamentary immunity of Fidesz MP Pál Völner due to an ongoing investigation into abuse of office and other crimes.

Pál Völner said through his legal representative that day that he had not committed a crime and that he had performed his duties as State Secretary and Ministerial Commissioner fairly and in accordance with the law, but that he would accept the political consequences of the case and resign as State Secretary.

The Fidesz politician was Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Justice, a Parliamentary State Secretary, and since August 2019, Ministerial Commissioner for the Hungarian Chamber of Judicial Officials.


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