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Most Hungarians Believe Other Politicians are Involved in Völner Corruption Scandal

picture of Judit Varga

Most Hungarians believe that Justice Minister Judit Varga (pictured) is responsible for the corruption scandal that has engulfed her deputy, former State Secretary Pál Völner, according to a poll conducted by the Publicus Institute for Népszava.

The Hungarian daily writes that according to the survey, 84% of opposition supporters and 22% of those who support the government felt the minister had some responsibility in the affair.

A surprisingly large number of pro-government voters, one in eight, even believes that Varga should resign. The vast majority of opposition voters, 82%, say Varga should give up her position, while 40% of uncertain voters also share this view.

The Prime Minister’s responsibility in the scandal is also being questioned by many: 40% of respondents think that Viktor Orbán has some responsibility for the affair, a view shared by three-fourths of pro-opposition supporters but also by 41% of Fidesz voters as well.

A majority of respondents, 53%, do not believe that Völner alone was involved in the scandal, while only 8% thought that the state secretary had acted on his own in allegedly receiving bribes from the president of the Hungarian Chamber of Judicial Officers.


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