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Novák Nomination a “Logical and Smart Decision,” Says Analyst Török

picture of Gábor Török

Responding to the news of Viktor Orbán’s recently-announced plans to nominate Katalin Novák as the next President of Hungary, political analyst Gábor Török (pictured) called it a “logical and smart decision.”

The election for head of state is part of the campaign, said the analyst, so it is no coincidence that unpopular, divisive candidates speculated upon in the media dropped out of consideration.

When Parliament elects a head of state in the last weeks of the election campaign, the decision, and ensuing debate, becomes an even greater part of the campaign than before.

wrote Török on social media.

The political scientist stated that “this is why the unpopular, divisive and vulnerable candidates dropped out, even if, because of their loyalty, they could have been more useful to Viktor Orbán in the post-election political situation.”

Gábor Török added that Katalin Novák, however, “is not that much lower on the loyalty scale as much as she is higher on marketability.” He closed his post by claiming that with this decision, the opposition now has its work cut out for itself.


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