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State Secretary Pál Völner Resigns Under Bribery Suspicions

picture of Pál Völner

He has not committed any crimes and performed his duties as State Secretary and Commissioner honestly and in accordance with the law, but he accepts the political consequences of this case, and today Secretary of State Pál Völner is resigning from his position as State Secretary

– announced a press release today from the politician.

The surprise resignation of Fidesz politician Pál Völner (pictured) occurred after Prosecutor General Péter Polt submitted a motion on Tuesday morning to the Speaker of the House to suspend Völner’s Parliamentary immunity as a result of an ongoing investigation into bribery and other crimes.

Until recently, Member of Parliament Pál Völner was a Deputy Minister of the Justice Ministry and Parliamentary State Secretary, as well as Ministerial Commissioner since August 2019.

In the ongoing investigation, the Central Investigative Prosecutor’s Office determined that there was a well-founded suspicion that Pál Völner regularly received occasional payments of 2–5 million Ft. (US $6,200-$15,400) from the President of the Hungarian Chamber of Judicial Officers over a long period of time.

According to the accusations against him, Völner took on specific cases at the request of the President of the Hungarian Chamber of Judicial Officers, thereby abusing his supervisory, official, and administrative powers.

Völner was also a key figure in the Pegasus spyware scandal that erupted over the summer.

Pál Völner’s Facebook page had around 10,000 followers but has now apparently been shut down.


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