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Fidesz MPs Are Involved in Völner Corruption Case, Says Hadházy

picture of Pál Völner

Ákos Hadházy thinks that the corruption case against Fidesz politician Pál Völner (pictured) is not really about him at all, but is much “broader,” the independent MP told the program Partizán Spartacus on Sunday night.

The opposition politician claimed that those working in the judicial executor’s office where the alleged corruption took place were practically threatened not to talk about it or risk being fired. However, in the midst of this great secrecy, the authorities also made mistakes, he said.

Among these mistakes were the fact that the existence of an investigation against Völner had been written in a public document. In addition, since information was constantly leaking out about it, after a while the situation was no longer tenable. And so, according to Hadházy the government had no other choice but to let Völner go and make it look like they were dealing with corruption within their own ranks.

On the involvement of others in the government, he said:

It seems very likely that Völner was not the only Fidesz politician who had a hand in these things … there may have been a fairly high level of involvement in Fidesz.

Ákos Hadházy did not provide an answer as to whether there may be involvement at the ministerial level, but said that “for now,” he is convinced that other Fidesz MP are also involved in the affair.

As previously reported, Pál Völner resigned last week as state secretary for legal affairs in the Ministry of Justice after the Prosecutor General asked for his Parliamentary immunity to be lifted. The Fidesz politician left his post as secretary of state, but said in a statement that he had not committed a crime.


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