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Party Preferences Mostly Static in Latest Republikon Poll

picture of poll results

Support for Fidesz and the united opposition parties declined slightly in November, with the popularity of DK and Jobbik declining slowly for the past few months, according to the latest monthly poll from the Republikon Institute.

The institute’s survey shows that the Momentum also weakened slightly last month, while smaller parties appear to be gradually catching up.

Among the general population, support for government party Fidesz stands at 31%, a decline of one percentage point. Likewise, DK, Jobbik, and Momentum also lost one point each, with DK now at 11%, Jobbik at 8%, and Momentum at 6% of those polled.

MSZP and Dialogue both retained their previous levels of support at 5% and 3%, respectively, while LMP and Our Country also continue to have 2% support each among the general population.

The Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party (MKKP) gained a point to capture 3% of those polled. But those who would vote for non-specified “other parties” polled at 3% as well. Undecided voters, meanwhile, grew from 24% to 26% among the general population in the latest Republikon Institute poll.

The political institute found that after the opposition’s primary elections in the fall, Hungary’s larger political parties had lost some support, to the gain of smaller parties and the group of undecideds. As previous polls have shown, the entire opposition camp taken as a whole continues to poll higher than government party Fidesz.

Republikon’s party preference poll was conducted by telephone with 1,000 Hungarian adults between November 17-23, balanced by gender, age, education, and location, and with a margin of error of 3.2%.


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