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Fidesz Nominee to Replace Scandal-Plagued Pál Völner Has Had a Few Issues of His Own

picture of Gábor Erős

Szabad Európa writes that Gábor Erős, Fidesz’s nominee for Parliament in the Esztergom area and deputy mayor of the town (pictured), has had a rocky history with Hungary’s tax authority NAV and a penchant for exaggerating his academic accomplishments.

While Erős is certainly not the first Hungarian to have run afoul of both the tax agency and the truth, his past is somewhat embarrassing considering that he is the ruling party’s choice to replace incumbent Pál Völner, the former state secretary for justice who is currently under suspicion for receiving bribes.

NAV occasionally publishes a list of companies that have been found to have employed undeclared workers, meaning those who are paid “black,” or under the table. At the end of 2018, Gábor Erős, a sole proprietor at the time, was added to this list.

Before the 2014 elections, he also described himself as “an expert with a degree in my field.” Since then, the sentence referring to having a degree has disappeared from his biography, although it is still visible in a claim he made here. Erős’s biography now states that he is a qualified catering business manager with certificates in refereeing and fitness coaching.

Gábor Erős began an international career as a football referee, and eventually participated in several world championships, Olympic, and Champions League matches as an assistant to Viktor Kassai and others.

Erős has been a local municipal representative in Esztergom since 2014, and in 2019 he became deputy mayor of the city. Also in 2019, he set up catering company Gran Dervim Kft. together with family members.

The Fidesz politician did not respond to Szabad Európa‘s requests for a comment on their story. [Szabad Európa]

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