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Gattyán: I Have a Better Chance of Getting Two-Thirds Than the Opposition

picture of György Gattyán

Wealthy internet magnate György Gattyán (pictured) talked about his political ambitions in next year’s general elections in a new interview with Forbes. Gattyán claimed to already have a party behind him but did not reveal what it was, saying that it was “not all that important right now.”

The businessman complained that a full-range assault had been launched against him, and said that although he had no power, he doesn’t need to go to politicians for their backing and money. He also didn’t buy the argument that he should have run in the primary elections in the fall instead.

Gattyán believes that the current government is “very not good,” but at the same time he felt that politicians in the opposition coalition have had decades to prove themselves. He included Péter Márki-Zay among this group, as the opposition’s candidate for prime minister has been mayor of Hódmezővásárhely for over three years.

György Gattyán also thinks that Viktor Orbán can only be defeated by a two-thirds victory.

In my opinion, the opposition coalition will never manage to get two-thirds. I have a better chance of that than they do.

-he confidently predicted.

The tech entrepreneur also had some sharp words for Márki-Zay and his decision to seek support from the six-party opposition coalition in the primary elections: “All respect to Péter Márki-Zay, but why doesn’t he believe in himself? If he had, he would have run on his own.”

Summing up his thoughts on the matter, Gattyán added:

What I’m talking about is not politics, but sober adult thinking. I don’t see the results from either side of the current parties. Hungary won’t move forward like this. I’ll be the one to do it. There’s a chance.

The businessman, who gained a significant amount of his fortune through adult-themed websites, also dismissed the notion that he had been bought by Fidesz after a company of his received 900 million Ft. (US $2.75 million) from a private capital fund close to government minister Antal Rogán.


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