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Justice Minister Varga Offers Rare Praise of Brussels

picture of Judit Varga

Hungary and the European Union have seen their share of mutual spats in recent days, but Justice Minister Judit Varga offered some rare praise of Brussels for once, reports

“They finally made a good decision about something!” Varga wrote on Facebook. However, the minister was not referring to anything politically related, but rather to the fact that a Hungarian wine had been chosen as the best red wine of the year in the Belgian capital.

Judit Varga posed with a glass of Hungarian wine from the Villány region, apparently celebrating after the 2015 Cassiopeia Merlot from the Jammertal Wine Estate had been chosen as the best red wine in the world at the 2021 Concours Mondail de Bruxelles. The Jammertal Merlot had competed in a multi-round blind taste test against nearly 7,500 other wines.

Profitline, the first in Hungary to report on the news, wrote that the owner of the Jammertal Winery, Dr. Róbert Szűcs, is a medical doctor by training and still a major supplier of Hungarian hospitals with his medical equipment distribution company. At the end of the 1990’s, however, he fell in love with the Villány wine region, where he built one of the most modern wineries in Europe with a nominal capacity of one million bottles a year.


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