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Fidesz Party Congress to Take Place Tomorrow

picture of Viktor Orbán speaking

A total of 1,470 delegates are expected to take part in the the 29th Fidesz Party Congress on Sunday, where the party will vote on its president and four vice-presidents.

István Hollik, the party’s communications director, told newspaper Magyar Nemzet that in addition to the delegates, six hundred invited guests will be present at the assembly, including diplomats, scientists, artists and athletes.

There is only one candidate for the position of party chairman in the person of Viktor Orbán, who has been unanimously elected leader by the delegates for the last two years. Two years ago, Katalin Novák, Lajos Kósa, Gábor Kubatov and Szilárd Németh were elected vice-presidents.

However, a new fourth vice-president will now be elected to replace Family Minister Katalin Novák. The new vice-president is also expected to be a woman, with three main contenders under consideration by the party.

A number of government ministers are expected to be present at the event, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expected to give a speech around 3:30pm, according to Fidesz’s communications director.

Facemasks will not be mandatory at the event, but a vaccination card will be required. According to Hollik, all of the delegates attending the convention as well as invited guests have already been vaccinated.


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