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Fidesz Party Congress This Weekend Only Open to Vaccinated Attendees

picture of István Hollik

Fidesz will be holding its general assembly this Sunday, November 14, but attendees will only be able to take part if they have been vaccinated, said István Hollik, the party’s head of communication.

The Fidesz politician emphasized that they would be acting in accordance with current epidemiological guidelines.

According to the ruling party’s preliminary plans, their general assembly will be held at the Hungexpo convention grounds, where they are expected to elect a new vice-president after Katalin Novák, Minister of Family Affairs, announced her decision not to run for the position again.

As previously reported, most observers expect Fidesz to elect another woman as vice-president, with Zsófia Koncz, Kinga Gál and Enikő Győri as among the most likely candidates.


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