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Fidesz Choosing New Vice President

With Family Minister Katalin Novák soon stepping down as Vice President of Fidesz, a new face is expected to be nominated to the post at the Fidesz general assembly on November 14, writes ATV.

According to the news channel’s sources, it is nearly certain that the party’s next VP will also be a woman, and gives the most likely odds to MP Zsófia Koncz, as well as Enikő Győri and Kinga Gál, both representatives in the European Parliament. However, Zsófia Rácz, Deputy State Secretary for Youth Affairs, and Government Spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi may also get the post.

In addition to Novák, Szilárd Németh, Lajos Kósa, and Gábor Kubatov also hold the position of Vice President in the ruling governmental party. [ATV]

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