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Fidesz Website Knocked Offline in Apparent Cyberattack

picture of anonymous hackers

Ruling party Fidesz released a statement on Wednesday claiming to be a victim of an international cyberattack that took down their website.

According to the statement, the attack cut off one of the most important communication channels for the party, right as the election campaign nears the end. Such an attack is clear evidence of election interference, Fidesz claimed.

As quoted by state news agency MTI, the Fidesz statement accused the left-wing of “taking every means to silence opinions in favor of peace and security,” but provided no evidence that domestic political forces were involved in the act. appears to be accessible at the moment.

There was no word on whether the website, maintained by opposition party Momentum, was also taken down in a similar cyberattack.

[Magyar Hang][Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels]

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