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Next National Consultation Questionnaire to Be About Environment

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The government is planning another National Consultation survey for Hungarians, this time on the topic of protecting the environment, writes Index.

“Hungary Going Green” will be the name of the next consultation, and instead of the usual paper-based questionnaire sent in the mail, citizens will be able to answer questions on the environment online.

Green policy issues have received more attention from the government lately, but so far it has mostly been criticism of EU climate protection measures. In the next questionnaire, citizens will be able to decide on issues such as the fight against illegal landfills and the promotion of renewable energy.

Protecting the environment is a priority for the government, according to a notice from the Governmental Information Center sent by e-mail, and this initiative aims to strengthen dialogue in this area.

The notice claimed that the questionnaire will address a number of issues that fundamentally define domestic environmental policy, stating that “we can now decide together how to eliminate illegal landfills, reduce the use of plastic bottles, promote renewable energy, and determine the role green energy should play in domestic transportation.”

Hungarian President János Áder represented Hungary at the recently-concluded UN climate summit in Glasgow, where he urged action instead of just talk on the environment. However, Hungary’s Green Party, LMP, expressed extreme dissatisfaction with Hungary’s environmental efforts at the conference.


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