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Kossuth Rádió Issues Correction for Statement on Dobrev and “Elkxrtuk”

picture of Klára Dobrev

State-sponsored Kossuth Rádió issued an official correction after one of its hosts suggested that opposition politician Klára Dobrev had ordered violent police action during the 2006 political demonstrations, a claim depicted in the fictional film “Elkxrtuk” that the host apparently treated as fact.

As reported in, on Wednesday the following statement was read on “Hello, Hungary”:

„On October 26, 2021, we made an untrue statement in a Kossuth Rádió program that Dr. Klára Dobrev had ordered the shooting and beating of innocent people on the street. In reality, Dr. Klára Dobrev did not make any decisions in regards to the so-called autumn 2006 riots.”

After the statement was made by host Antal Apró, Dobrev’s party, the Democratic Coalition, vowed to sue state broadcaster MTVA for swallowing the “Elkxrtuk” allegation whole, and journalists’ association MÚOSZ also condemned public media for it.

[Magyar Hang]

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