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Kossuth Radio Broke Media Law, Says Journalists’ Association

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Public media again broke the Media Law when it treated the allegations in the fictional film “Elkxrtuk” as fact to fabricate a charge against a real person, the National Association of Hungarian Journalists (MÚOSZ) wrote on its Facebook page.

The organization added that it had been waiting for some type of investigation into the incident, which it calls an “unlawful act,” but nothing has been forthcoming on the matter.

As previously reported, the radio presenter of “Good Morning, Hungary,” Antal Apró, claimed that Democratic Coalition politician Klára Dobrev “decided to beat and shoot out the eyes of innocent people in the street in 2006,” referring to the political disturbances that took place that year under the previous Socialist administration.

Apró’s allegation against Dobrev has only appeared in the film “Elkxrtuk,” and has not been backed up with evidence of its validity.


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