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Pro-Gov’t Media Calls EU an “Evil Empire,” NATO a “Threat” to Hungary and Europe

The editorial page of daily Magyar Nemzet went on somewhat of an anti-Western kick last week, notes 444. On Thursday, the pro-government media outlet called the European Union an evil empire and the most inhumane tyrannical regime in history, then lashed out at security alliance NATO on Friday.

“NATO does not guarantee our security, but poses a threat to Hungary as well as the whole of Europe,” wrote Balázs Ágoston in an opinion piece on the site.

Ágoston recalls that less than 50% of Hungary’s voters took part in the 1997 referendum on NATO accession, and only 41% of eligible voters cast a vote in favor of joining.

However, if viewed through this criteria, ruling party Fidesz won the 2022 parliamentary elections with only 39% of the vote, and with 70% of eligible voters participating, 444 points out.

Among the parliamentary parties at the time of the referendum, far-right MIÉP, which opposed NATO accession, was the only one that was correct, claims the newspaper.

Ágoston states that NATO embarked on an “aggressive expansion” after 1990, and that America broke its promise to the Russians that the defense alliance would not expand eastward in exchange for permitting Germany to unify:

In other words, the United States continued the Cold War, producing masses of useful idiots and turning scoundrels for hire into its paid agents, using Europe as a rallying ground against Russia.

NATO and the USA’s post-Cold War criminal record, alleges Ágoston, includes taking revenge in Afghanistan after America was attacked under “unclear circumstances” on September 11, 2001, the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the overthrow of Slobodan Milošević, and helping Viktor Yanukovych, Mikheil Saakashvili and Viktor Yushchenko come to power.

According to the author, Ukraine turned into an open dictatorship that banned opposition parties and critical media voices, and provoked Russia at the instigation of the United States to the point where Russian President Vladimir Putin was forced to start a war. Meanwhile, the USA has become an “openly terrorist country” after the Nord Stream gas pipeline was blown up on the country’s orders, he states.

444 speculates that the article may have been a response to a visit to Budapest last week by Samantha Power, an influential figure in American foreign policy, who met with the heads of non-governmental organizations, high school students, and independent journalists. [444]

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