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Nézőpont: 30% of Hungarians Support Strict Measures Against Covid

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In a new poll by Nézőpont Institute taken at the end of October, 30% of Hungarians support strict measures against the coronavirus pandemic. The survey was concluded before the government announced that such measures would come into effect on November 1.

Nézőpont, which has been polling public attitudes about the virus since the start of the pandemic, found that since the waning of the previous wave of Covid in the country, six out of ten respondents had been comfortable with the current measures being taken.

This proportion only went down to 58% in the current poll, but the number of respondents who favored stricter measures went up from 25 to 30%, while 8% of them felt that the current measures being taken were too strict.

The poll also found that those critical of the government were more likely to approve of stricter measures to fight the pandemic, with 61% of them holding this view. However, 76% of government party supporters felt satisfied with the current level of measures, and only 17% of this group felt stricter regulations were warranted.


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