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More Budapest Companies and Local Councils Investigated Under Karácsony

picture of Gergely Karácsony

Since Gergely Karácsony was elected Mayor of Budapest two years ago, the capital’s Procurement Committee (KDB) has launched more than twice as many investigations of companies and district councils than during the term of previous Mayor István Tarlós.

The KDB launched 21 investigations connected with Budapest’s local district councils and contractors during Tarlós’ last year in office, while 42 similar investigations were instigated in Karácsony’s first full year as mayor, according to Népszava.

The newspaper writes that not only have the number of investigations against companies in the capital risen since local council elections were held in 2019, but that the fines levied against them have also increased. Among these have been tens of millions of Forints levied against local Budapest councils for public food tenders, while fines of such magnitude were uncommon under the previous mayor’s term.

Just this year alone, the Budapest Transporation Center (BKK) has had several of its tenders reviewed by the procurement authority, and has been fined tens of millions of Forints for procurement infractions.


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